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Treat yourself to healthy, home-cooked meals throughout college, and beyond! We're Cooking on Campus to show you how! Our Student Chefs will show you how easy it is to make tasty food during this hands-on culinary crash course. We will teach you the basics and take you beyond your expectations. Experience it all for yourself at the Rec Center's Instructional Kitchen in the Outdoor Adventures area.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Once again the Cooking on Campus chefs managed to create simple and delicious recipes using ingredients that I normally would not eat. The last food demonstration was directed towards healthy breakfast options. The chefs made all kinds of recipes: from protein-packed pancakes and smoothies to delicious apple spice muffins perfect for fall!

I was thoroughly impressed with the protein-packed smoothie, too.  I normally make all fruit smoothies on a regular basis but I can never get the right consistency and flavor. In addition, I never thought of using tofu in a smoothie, in fact I had never tried tofu before. The smoothie was so creamy and flavorful I found myself wanting more. The Cooking on Campus chefs taught us that tofu, in addition to being inexpensive, is high in protein and has a neutral taste, therefore it takes the flavor of whatever ingredients it is used with in a recipe. I will definitely be making that smoothie quite frequently. 

I have worked in many restaurants and have only known kale to be used as a garnish. Cooking on Campus chefs made  kale hashbrowns and they were delicious. I normally try to limit my potato consumption because I love them so much and am easily drawn to mashed potatoes or French fries which are usually made with a lot of butter and oils. In addition to kale being incredibly nutritious the Cooking on Campus chefs taught me that I can make a kale/potato side dish that is fat free and only has 45 calories!

I learned that breakfast doesn’t always have to revolve around cereal and that it can be quick and inexpensive too. I can’t wait for this Tuesday’s Cooking on Campus “Eat Real” demonstration.
Written by Danielle Vassallo, Master’s Candidate, Nutritional Sciences, 2012

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